Dental health is an important part of your overall health, which is why DFA Insurance offers quality dental coverage through nationwide partners.

Dental plans are fairly standard, however, there are differences you need to keep in mind, such as applicable deductibles, the percentage of the service that is covered, waiting periods and which classes of service are part of the plan. The following are the classes of services that are part of a dental plan design:
  • Class I (Preventive Services)
    • typically covers cleanings, X-rays, oral exams, fluoride treatments and space maintainers for children
  • Class II (Basic Services)
    • typically covers fillings, amalgam and simple extractions
  • Class III (Major Services)
    • typically root canals, crowns, bridges, oral surgery and periodontic services
  • Class IV (Orthodontic Services)
    • ‚ÄčDFA Insurance will compare a number of different carriers and plan designs to find the dental plan that fits you and your employees.