Farm Insurance, Protect Your Livelihood Today!
March 21, 2021
We know your livelihood depends on the success of your operation, which is why we have designed a farm-owners package complete with property and casualty insurance. This coverage protects your property against losses and your business against liability claims.

DFA Insurance offers a variety of products to meet your farm insurance needs, including:
  • Property
  • Liability
  • Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Auto
  • Pollution
  • Succession Planning
Property insurance is there to protect you from financial loss when unexpected circumstances result in damage to your belongings. This coverage applies to dwellings, farm buildings, and other structures. This coverage also covers farm personal property, livestock machinery and equipment, and farm products and supplies.
Liability coverage is there to respond and provide coverage when other’s come into harms way, resulting in property damage or bodily injury, during the course of your business operations. Liability coverages are available for your farm premises, personal liability, and product liability. This can also cover product recall, limited pollution, and recreational vehicles.

Equipment insurance is there to protect your profit and keep your equipment up and running. It is important to insure your large investments. This can include tractors, combines, sprayers, and more. By adding equipment insurance to your farm plan, you can insure these large investments more individually or under a blanket policy based on your needs. This type of coverage provides additional coverage in addition to the usual causes such as fire, lightning, or wind. These could include damage during transportation, foreign object damage, or borrowed machinery.

Livestock insurance is there to protect your most valuable commodity. Livestock insurance can cover losses caused by a variety of incidents such as accidental shootings, attacks by dogs or wild animals, earthquakes, electrocution, floods, and more. DFA Insurance also offers a variety of ways to protect your livestock. Coverage options include individual coverage, blanket coverage, and herd coverage. With individual coverage you would insure your animals individually, this is most seen with higher valued animals. Insuring your livestock under blanket coverage rolls your animals under your farm property insurance. Lastly, herd coverage is based on your herd size and this is the most common way to insure a herd.

Auto insurance is there to protect vehicles that are used in your daily operation. Commercial coverage on your cars, vans, or trucks offer additional protection for the farm or business. This type of insurance includes similar coverages to personal auto insurance, these include bodily injury liability, property damage, comprehensive and collision, and more. When shopping for auto insurance it’s important to consider how much coverage you need, what deductible level you are comfortable with, and what your state minimum is.

Pollution insurance is there to protect you in the event of a pollution incident. With today’s increased awareness of environmental issues, even a small incident can become front page news in your local newspaper. DFA Insurance has partnered with an industry leading environmental protection insurance company to provide you with customized insurance products not typically available in the standard markets. This includes features such as onsite and off-site cleanup costs, legal defense costs, chemical spraying, and more.

Succession planning is available to help you have a successful transition from one generation to the next when it comes to your operation. Studies show that 89% of farmers today do not have a transition plan in place which can make it difficult for the next generation to succeed. DFA Insurance can help to evaluate your farm and your specific situation to provide a recommendation for the best transition plan for you. DFA Insurance works with several providers and programs that have key elements such as business management, risk management, financial independence, and estate planning to help you establish a successful succession plan.

DFA Insurance is here to help you navigate all of the options and choose the right coverages for your needs and budget. If you would like to discuss any of these insurance products more, have any questions, or would like to get the process started to get protected today then give us a call at 1-877-358-9523 and speak with one of our licensed and trained agents.