Employees Value Their Healthcare Insurance
October 30, 2022
There are plenty of surveys that ask how employees feel about benefits packages.  The numbers vary between industries and surveys, but they are all very similar and they all say employees think healthcare is an important reason they choose a new employer or stay with an existing one.  Here is a compilation of some of the various survey’s found online:
  • Over 70% of employees say they will stay with (or leave) an employer because of healthcare
  • Over 80% of millennials believe healthcare benefits are an essential part of compensation
  • Nearly 70% of employees say benefits are a critical factor when choosing a job
  • Over 60% of employees would take a lower paying job if it offers robust benefits
  • Over 70% of employees say a better benefits package would increase their happiness
Again, this generalizes many of the statistics available on-line, but they all point to one thing, employees place a very high value on health insurance.

There are many ways to build a plan your employees will value.  As you would expect, how you build your plan will directly affect how much you pay.  To manage costs, you can utilize different insurance companies, plan designs, and tools. The best way to build a plan that meets your needs and your budget is to work with a partner you can trust.  The team at DFA Insurance has been providing heath insurance to farms and agribusinesses for over 50 years.  We’ll work with you to design a plan that fits your operation and make sure your employees understand their benefits.

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